Get ready for a new adventure!

To celebrate the birth of our first born Raaf, we made a game together! 

We both worked as freelancers, Wendy as an illustrator, Elmar as a musician. We have always enjoyed playing games in our free time. As if making a baby isn't enough, we decided to try to make our first game. After messing with Unity and ProCreate for a while, here is the result! Let us know what you think. Ofcourse the game is free to play in the browser or as a download. In case you like to donate: All donations will directly go to Raaf's savings account!

The game is best played in FullHD and doesn't work on mobile!


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Raaf& 133 MB
Raaf& 167 MB


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Loved this cute game! Catchy music too!

I agree!

This game is so much fun so well done  i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Ha! Thanks for sharing your gameplay! It’s so fun to see and hear you enjoy our little game! Awesome! Greets!

Glad you liked it .

Lovely game. I like how the flowers are interacatble and the randomly appearing shadow animals in the foreground. 

Found 2 bugs :  Invisible collider in air and   Running while pressing the action button/mouse doesn't stop the run animation

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hey MatJamMat!

Thanks for checking out our little game :) I noticed the running/ action bug before. The invisible collider is a new one though! When our son will sleep some more, I hope I’ll have some time to go try and fix those bugs! :)


Really cute. I hope the spider found some peace & quiet. :) 

I’m sure he did!

Thanks for playing!